Increasingly, Australian homes are being equipped with advanced entertainment systems. To perform as designed, these systems demand high performance networks, capable of streaming audio and video to multiple rooms. Enter ELOGIK. 

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

At ELOGIK, residential WiFi is our main speciality. We understand, and are able to manipulate the WiFi signal in ways other companies can only dream about. If your router is located at one end of the house and your office at the other, you’ll know the meaning of the phrase “WiFi dead-spot”! Fortunately, help is at hand.

Multi Room Audio / Visual

The demand for centralised audio and video systems (think Sonos) has increased enormously over the last few years. Now you can control which audio track or video source is playing in which room, all from an app on your phone. ELOGIK can enable all this for you and more, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the entertainment and less time trying to figure out how to operate your system.

Home Automation / IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) envisages and describes a world where all your home devices are connected to the cloud and can not only be controlled directly by you with your smartphone, but can also interact with each other. Imagine coming home to a house heated or cooled to the perfect temperature every day, lighting that changes colour according to the weather, or CCTV systems which switch on lights when an intruder is detected outside. In this exciting new realm, almost anything is possible. The team at ELOGIK has the skills to leverage this technology for you, and, most importantly, ensure that your IoT devices are secure. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance (Mac and PC)

The ELOGIK team are highly skilled technicians with expertise in both the Apple and Microsoft environments. If your computer is in need of an upgrade but you aren’t sure which way to turn, give us a call. We may even save you some money by upgrading and speeding up your old computer rather than buying a new one.

Data Backup Solutions

Backups are essential. All your treasured photos, documents, music and video are now digital, and whilst this is incredibly convenient, it also means that it can all be lost in an instant if a proper, multi-tier backup strategy is not implemented. ELOGIK has helped some of the largest corporate clients with their backups and this knowledge also can be leveraged for your home.

CCTV and Security

Would you like to know what is going on outside or inside your home when you aren’t there? ELOGIK are experts in installing scalable CCTV and Surveillance systems, from 1 camera up to 100. Unlike many security companies, ELOGIK also have the tech know-how to allow you to remotely view images from your cameras on your phone or tablet without compromising the security of your network. The systems we install can do fancy things like text you a photo when movement is detected.

Structured Cabling / Smart Cabling

Cabling is the foundation that enables the smart home. The importance of good cabling cannot be overstated. Far from being a random collection of messy wires that connect your devices, real structured cabling is almost invisible. ELOGIK has highly trained, licensed cablers with the knowledge to run high-quality cable in new builds or existing homes, minimising interference from other services such as air conditioning and electrical cable.

Home phone installation and troubleshooting

For many people a landline is still the main point of contact. Our team of professionals are experienced in installing, maintaining and repairing all brands of phone systems across all providers. We can also help you maximise your savings by installing VOIP systems which do away with the need for physical line rental.

NBN broadband installation

Are you ready for the NBN? Do you understand the implications the changeover will have on your landline phone and your internet speed? There is a lot of misinformation out there. If you think your telco provider will ensure the migration is seamless, you may want to think again! In any case, when the NBN does come to your address, ELOGIK can set up and provide everything you need to experience a fast and reliable internet connection without spending hours on the phone to your provider or waiting at home for half a day for an engineer to arrive.

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